EMS Case Study: Abbie

Hitting her 50s was a big milestone for Abbie. She’d always been into health and fitness to
maintain her active social life, but during the menopause weight had gradually crept on and
the stresses of work and family life made it harder to get to the gym. She was left feeling
sluggish, overweight, untoned and despondent.

Abbie came across EMS through her work – a colleague recommended it, showing off her toned
bicep muscles – and Abbie thought ‘I’ll have some of that please!’. Searching the internet for
EMS in Kent, Abbie came across EmmenseFit and went for a trial session with the business
owner, Anesha.

Abbie says: “Anesha was lovely – right from the off she put me at ease. Although Anesha is the
age of my son, she didn’t patronise me or make me feel old. We chatted as though we’d known
each other for years and she really understood where I was coming from and was able to
explain how EMS could help.”

Within a month Abbie was hooked to her weekly EMS sessions. She explains: “Knowing I’m
accountable to Anesha definitely helps to ensure I regularly book in, but unlike a gym session,
EMS is only 20 minutes. So even on my worse days I know I can drag my backside to the
session and that I’ll be feeling great about myself afterwards too. Anesha creates each session
as we go along, depending on how I’m feeling that day, if anything is aching etc. I know she
will work around me, to support me, and that’s really important.

“For many years I’d also been suffering with lower back pain, and reading up about EMS I
thought it might help with that too, which Anesha confirmed. My back pain is so much better
now. If I’ve been on holiday and had quite a lot of time off I can definitely tell the difference.
Before EMS I used to struggle to get comfortable in the evening after a day at my computer
and would often lay awake in pain at night too. All that’s gone!”

Abbie’s busy social life means she hasn’t lost the weight she was hoping to, but she’s over the
moon with the muscle she’s created through her EMS sessions. She explains: “When we were
on holiday recently my teenage daughter jokingly kicked me on the bottom and commented
that it was ‘rock solid’. I hadn’t taken much notice before then, but squeezing my cheeks I
realised she was right! I’d always worried that as I aged my bottom would disappear and
become flat, but with EMS it certainly hasn’t! My arm muscles are much more toned now too.”